Don’t be a lemon…but do squeeze some in your water

You may already know that drinking lemon in water in the morning is good for you and very cleansing. I would recommend that you at the very least start each day with a glass of water with lemon each morning, 20 minutes before you eat/drink anything else, but why stop there? You could drink it at anytime of the day too!

Lemon water is very alkalising (which is really good for your body). Even when squeezed into regular tap water. I would however suggest that you use a good quality natural mineral water, from a glass bottle or at least filter/distil/ionise your tap water.

But did you also know that it gives you the following health benefits:

▪                It offers relief from cold and flu symptoms especially if combined with a little grated ginger root

▪                It stimulates and cleanses the liver and kidneys

▪                It is great for digestion and can ease bloating, heartburn and other digestion problems

▪                It contains Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium

▪                It is a great skin cleanser

▪                It has also been known to relieve asthma

▪                Lemons are also antiseptic

Well, you do now…

Make sure you drink it through a straw though to protect your teeth (my dentist recommended this to me) as there is sugar in lemons and they are acidic until you metabolise them (basically when you swallow them and your stomach does its magic and they become alkaline).  We don’t want you rotting your teeth now do we! It’s good to rinse your mouth after also with some water (preferably good quality & alkaline) just to make sure.

Have the water room temperature or lukewarm (not hot). If the water is too hot or too cold then your body needs to use energy in order to make it reach body temperature. Lukewarm water is also nice and soothing especially in those winter months.

Plus lemon water is really refreshing, makes bland water taste great and if you are on a budget it’s also very cheap.

So what are you waiting for…. don’t be a lemon…. Squeeze some in your water today!