My Secret Salmon Mouthfuls & Super Veg Frittata Muffins, yum!!

I love experimenting with new recipes. This morning I tried blending smoked salmon with some eggs and created these secret salmon mouthfuls! Secret because you cannot see the salmon, you just get the delicious taste and of course all the amazing health benefits!! These little beauties are packed with omega oils and all of the 9 essential proteins that your body needs.

Great if you have kids that don’t like the texture of fish. You still get them to have all the goodness and none of the fuss!

The super veg frittatas speak for themselves. Packed full with asparagus, red/yellow/green peppers, fennel, courgette (zucchini to my US friends)  and of course… the best ingredient… made with love!

Both are easy to make. Just follow the recipe for My Frittata Muffins & add which ever power packed veggies you like.

For the bite sized secret salmon mouthfuls I used a small shallow muffin/yorkshire pudding tray and baked them for 6-8 mins. You can of course make them any size you like. Enjoy!