My Coconut Almond Latte

This super powered coffee not only tastes delicious, it has numerous health benefits and the coconut oil minimises that post caffeine crash. A great wake up call for any morning!


Almond Milk – third of your cup
Espresso shot (Double if you like an extra kick!)
1-2 tsp Coconut Oil
Hot filtered/Spring Water
Honey/Agave Nectar to sweeten (optional)

Boil some filtered/ spring water in your kettle or pan.
Warm your almond milk  (If you like your coffee warm rather than hot, you can skip this part).
Make a shot of espresso. Add that to your cup along with the almond milk, coconut oil & honey.
Top up your cup with the boiled water, leaving space for froth at the top.
Pour the coffee into the blender and blitz for a few seconds.
Pour back into your cup & enjoy your delicious homemade frothy Almond Coconut Latte!

Top Tips: You can make this coffee without the water and just the Almond milk for a creamier coffee. You will need to warm your almond milk a little more if you are not adding the boiled water. Measure out how much almond milk you need in your cup first, allowing enough space for the espresso & froth, this way you make just the right amount.

You will need an espresso machine and a blender for this recipe. You could make with instant espresso powder, or a couple of spoons just regular instant coffee. I haven’t tried this but I am sure it will taste just as delicious. You can also make the coffee without using a blender, you just won’t get the frothy top.


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