You don’t have to spend hours down the gym to get a fit and healthy body…. Hurray!!

Move Your body

You do however have to move your body regularly in some way. If going down the gym and working out is what you love to do, then great! Keep it up and enjoy the many benefits it brings.

If you don’t, then fret not for there are many more ways to move your body and get fantastic health benefits. In my opinion it is far more beneficial to do something fun or that you enjoy doing for 20-40 mins a day that works you up into a bit of a sweat than spend hours slogging it out in the gym and hating every minute of it. Negative emotions flood the body with acidity which is far more harmful than not doing the exercise. Hey, don’t think this gives you an excuse to do none, because it doesn’t! Not doing any is not a good strategy for looking and feeling good. (As if I needed to tell you that… Little Miss/Mr Lazy!)

So what are some of the things you could do to spice up your health regime…?

Well one of the most fun ways you can have to work up a sweat is sex. Werhoo!  Yes I said it… and we all know how much fun that can be. Plus your partner will be happy to oblige and you’ll be looking after their health too. How considerate of you.

If you are currently single then you could try keeping it simple like going for a walk. This may sound a bit boring in comparison (or not, depending on your past experiences…he he) but it can actually be a really enjoyable way to get some life in your limbs especially if you are walking in nature. You could try walking through a local park, through a forest, along a beach, around your garden or just down the street where you live. There is something about walking that helps calm the mind and lifts your spirit. It gets your endorphins pumping around your body and as long as you break a sweat your are also expelling toxins. as well as toning your legs and butt. How fab is that, not so boring now.

Dancing is another fantastic and really fun way to get your heart pumping and feet moving. Be it out with a group of friends out on a Friday night or dancing around your own living room (you can draw the curtains if you feel self conscious) put on your favourite songs and move your body like your life depends on it…. which it does. You could even join a Salsa class or do ballroom dancing. Do whatever floats your boat and shifts the bloat!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you choose to do something. Obviously the results you get in your overall tone and fitness will be a direct result of the amount of effort you put into moving your body. If you want to burn more flab then MOVE more flab. Simple really.

Until next time… have fun doing it… whatever it may be…