Choose Joy

Even when you are at the end of your rope, you still possess something very valuable: Your attitude.

You can choose your thoughts. You can default to pain, fear and anguish or you can proactively choose joy. You can focus on all that you do not have and everything that is going wrong, or you can choose to rise above that and focus on what you do have – even if that is just the air that you breathe. Embrace it. Choose to think only about  things that you are grateful for, what you do have, who you love, what you are learning in this moment and what you want to move towards.

Need help shifting your focus? Watch a comedy or an inspirational TED talk, read an inspiring book, think of ten things you are grateful for, go for a walk, phone someone you love, dance around your living room to your favourite song! Do whatever silly, fun or inspiring thing that comes to mind.

Want a little recommendation? Kay Warren, has written a great book : Choose Joy: Because Happiness isn’t enough.

We are all on our own journey and the road can get rocky from time to time. Whatever someone goes though in life they can either choose to beat themselves or others up over it, become bitter, or, they can choose to grow from each experience.

Imagine if you were to choose to be grateful for each experience, choose to learn from them and even choose to share your learnings with others to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Whatever life throws at you… choose joy.