Today’s fitness & fat loss tip… Use superglue as lipgloss.

Today’s fitness & fat loss tip… Use superglue as lipgloss.

Ok, not really. Obviously.

Although… it could be fun to imagine your lips are glued together the next time you walk past that mouth-wateringly tempting cream cake.  Saying to yourself the little mantra.. ‘My lipgloss is superglue, my lipgloss is superglue…’ over & over, until the moment passes… Yes guys, that means you too…

All joking aside, it is as much about what you choose to eat, as it is what you choose not to eat, that determines how your body will be. That along with how much you choose to move your body each day. How much sleep you regularly get. How your stress levels are. How you view yourself, others and the world. How you choose to fill your mind… Your mindset.

Mindset is a pretty big one. Which is why I always try to inject a little humour into everything I do. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be so serious or difficult. It shout be fun and start to become second nature after a while. Effortless. Let’s be honest, anything you enjoy doing kind of becomes effortless, BECAUSE you enjoy doing it.

So, today’s question is: How can you make what you are doing today feel like it’s the most fun, for you? Be it taking care of your body, swerving those cream cakes, making business decisions, doing that presentation, plotting out your plan for world domination… deciding to paint yourself green for a day… Ok, maybe not the last one… Or maybe! Who knows…

Whatever it is, you can choose to enjoy doing it. Even those little tasks you normally put off… like the washing up.

How better would your life be if you chose that everything you did was fun?

Until next time… Be happy, be healthy x