Starting my first book!!

As a model keeping in shape and knowing about nutrition has been key in my success. This is the reason I have been on the front cover of numerous magazines, been flown all over the world to glamorous locations to do photo shoots and TV commercials. It is not just good luck, I wasn’t born with genes that meant I could shovel down 20 doughnuts a day and still fit into my skinny jeans (unfortunately!) Then again, who is? It is all down to being intelligent about the choices that I make when it comes to food and looking after yourself.

Anyone who says they eat what they want (ie junk food or excessive alcohol), never exercise and are slim and healthy are either lying or fooling them selves. Just because you are not ill or overweight (right now) does not mean that you are healthy. It always amazes me how most people choose to wait until they have serious health problems or are overweight before they want to focus on their health. Even then, it is often to avoid this one concern and as soon as they think it is dealt with, they resort back to their old lifestyle. Then wonder why they get ill or put weight on again usually becoming far worse than the first time around. Hey, I have done this myself, I’m only human (contrary to belief that all models are some how super human and ‘just born that way’). I have had to educate myself and work on changing my mindset to ensure that I will maintain the level of health, vitality, great skin and shape that I desire.

I would like to share with you everything that I have learnt along the way so you can avoid making all of the mistakes that I have made and be the most gorgeous you that you can be, inside and out. So… I am starting my first book!! Werhoo!!! I’m soooo excited and once its finished you guys will be the first ones to know 🙂

Before you go, ask yourself… what could you do today that will take you towards the health and lifestyle that you want for yourself?

Until next time… Be healthy, be happy, be you!