“Janine is the real deal… Inspirational to say the very least. She constantly inspires me and pushes me to raise my game. Since meeting Janine, getting to know her and hearing her life experiences, she has inspired me to aim even higher… and not settle for anything less. Janine is an authority in health & fitness, wealth creation and personal development. Her experience and expertise is second to none and her energy, enthusiasm and zest for life is infectious!” Jean-Pierre de Villiers – The Reshape Coach                                                                                                                                


lesley morrison gym pic

“Janine whoever is lucky enough to have you as there coach is going to achieve ah-maaaay-zing things…. my arms are still shaking and my body is still pumped… you are bloody awesome!!! Thank you. I never dreamed my body could achieve what it did today!!!!” Lesley Morrison Personal Trainer & Exercise Referral Consultant at LM Fitness                                                                                                                                                                              



1383304_10152304601409112_163404395_n“Janine is highly intelligent and exceptionally good at getting you to the point of the matter. She’s very intuitive and can guide you to ‘get’ things that you need to deal with, then she’s really supportive in you doing whats necessary. I my own case she got a major ‘life obstacle’ highlighted and encouraged me in dealing with it. It’s made a huge difference in my life and well-being. She’s also awesome with nutrition and is a mine of information. Oh, and although I had some serious matters to receive her wisdom about, I’ll also admit she was good fun to work with!”  Geoff Hinsley      


Version 2“Janine Newberry is the most extraordinary talent. She can really change your world. She has the ability to empower and motivate like no other. She really is the complete all rounder in all aspects of life. Her advice and encouragement is inspiring and invaluable. Her coaching has made me able to deal with all life’s challenges with new spirit and my business has benefitted by new aspirations and renewed confidence and I’m more successful !!
The most amazing thing is she can tackle anything from life coaching , business , personal advice , nothing is too much trouble. And all this advice and encouragement is backed up by her own life experience. Health wise Janine is a veritable encyclopaedia of what’s good and not good for your body diet wise as well. I am fitter, sharper and enjoying my life and business like never before. Janine is the best decision anyone can make” Mark Fuller – CEO Concept Venues Group. Owner Sanctum Hotel Soho.