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What is Belief Coding & How It Can Help You

What is Belief Coding®?


Belief Coding® is a revolutionary healing method that is science-backed and spiritual, changing beliefs at a subconscious level.

But what does that actually mean for you? 

Backed by scientific research, Belief Coding uses a number of healing modalities to create a groundbreaking method that has helped 20,000 people (and counting!) completely transform their lives: emotionally, physically and mentally. One belief at a time.

Belief Coding® is a healing modality like no other. Using a combination of science-backed psychological and neurological techniques, as well as Eastern healing techniques, it is an extremely powerful and effective way to clear and heal traumas that may be affecting your life. 


A bespoke method created by Founder Jessica Cunningham, it is a fast-track technique that helps remove the charge from past traumatic experiences is helping clients thrive and reach their full potential.


This process can support with overcoming ANY limiting beliefs and negative emotions, in a matter of minutes, whereas traditional talk therapy can take years. 


It has allowed those undergoing healing to live free from anxiety, lack of belief in self, clear writers block, imposter syndrome, hit their money goals, get rid of their fear of public speaking or even lose weight, by resolving the cellular memory of trauma experiences.


The method goes to the root of the discomfort, clears the limiting belief and codes in new and empowering beliefs that set you up for a successful and thriving life. 

Who is Belief Coding® for?

Anyone and everyone. 

Belief Coding® has worked for:

Those who want to hit their money goals

Those with anxiety and depression

Those with writer’s block

Those who want to be a calmer parent and break generational trauma

Those who want to follow their hopes and dreams

Those who want a change of career

Those who want to live a free lifestyle

Those who want to follow their hopes and dreams

Those looking to get rid of their phobias

Those looking to elevate their business

Those suffering from chronic illnesses

Those with fertility problems

The Science Behind Belief-Coding


The core rationale in Belief Coding is that therapeutic change in a variety of modalities, including behavioural therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, emotion-focused therapy, neurolinguistic programming, talking therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy, results from the updating of prior emotional memories through a process that incorporates new emotional experiences. 


Which is why going to the root is not enough, new beliefs and ideologies need to be coded in to create new emotional experiences as well. 

Anyone who experiences the Belief Coding process sees instant shifts and transformations, supported by a new and empowering belief system that allows them to thrive and achieve profound growth:

emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

What makes Belief Coding® stand out within the healing and transformation arena?

Belief Coding® is a researched and science-backed modality. It works with your subconscious beliefs, by working with your subconscious programmes you can create entirely new belief systems allowing you to live a more fulfilled and present life. 

It goes to the root of what your subconscious perceives as trauma and clears the emotions around it, creating a better, more positive reality with the beliefs that get coded in.

With its science-backed elements and spirituality, the method has the ability to process and release anything that is getting in the way of you living a successful and fulfilling life. 

Whether it is anxiety, fear of failure, relationships, an eating disorder or a lack of money coming into your life – these are all circumstances that we manifest for ourselves due to our beliefs.

What makes Belief Coding so incredible is that you and your clients don’t need to sit through therapy session after therapy session and wait years for results.

A breakthrough could happen in just one session and uncover the root of the trauma. 

This Groundbreaking Modality That Will Transform Your Life

One Belief At A Time

Get to the root cause of what is limiting you and code in new beliefs with Belief Coding® the only technique you will ever need to build the bridge to all your desires!

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